Thursday, February 27, 2014

We'll Never be Royals.

But we're pretty dang close. Carlos and I have been having a lot of fun these last few months. Eating at cool places, taking spur of the moment road trips and hanging out with good friends.

 For Christmas we got a SodaStream and have been loving it! Our favourite flavours are Pink Grapefruit and Orange Mango... I think. I didn't ask Carlos.

 We went to meet some friends for dinner at Ikea and fell asleep on an incredibly comfortable couch in the as-is room. It was so nice. People who actually wanted to buy it were trying to wait us out so they could sit on it. We won.

Carlos got into a fight. You should see the other guy. Just kidding, the other guy was a squash ball and its recovering quite well. And yes, you are supposed to wear goggles when you play that sport.

We said goodbye to our very first Christmas tree together. It was also my first real tree ever. It smelled so good but was a pain in the butt. Note: C$'s makeshift eyepatch. It's a makeup remover pad secured with scotch tape. He wore it for many days.

 Multiple trips to the happiest place on earth. 
Target Canada.

We stopped shaving for a week. It runs in the family.

 Took a road trip to Calgary. Peter's now accepts debit. Its a big deal guys. Also, chocolate coconut is amazing.

 Maija got married and we had a party. Two parties actually. But this was the better one. We wore pj's and read J-14. Kissed a picture of Brady and ate lots of gushers, dunkaroos, double bubble and fruit roll ups. It was a 90's kind of a night. Kenzie did an amazing job planning it.
We found love in a hopeless place.

 A very blurry valentines day where we found love in another hopeless place... Swiss Chalet. It was a throwback to our first valentines day together where I told Carlos not to do anything. And he really didn't. Then I cried and he ordered Swiss Chalet. It came late. And it was cold.

We went to Banff and ate at Chaya and had too many Beaver Tails. We were just trying to be patriotic. We also took a million pictures of the mountains but i didn't want to bore you with that. So i'll bore you with more selfies of us. 

Other Highlights include cleaning our house and finding new renters. We have eaten cookies with the Andraskos and made a salad bar with Kenzie and Dan. (just realized i don't know how to spell Dan's last name)
Also we are watching the Bachelor. I may have to do a review of it when its over. I have loved it and hated it. Mostly I hate Clare.
I can think of a conclusion but we've had a pretty awesome year so far. Thats all.